Jan. 22, 2022

Bonneau Ansley Outlines The Key Strategy to Growing to $3 Billion in Sales in Just 7 Years

Bonneau Ansley Outlines The Key Strategy to Growing to $3 Billion in Sales in Just 7 Years

Bonneau Ansley, the #1 real estate agent in the South, shares how he discovered how to take his passion for people and selling, and leverage it into a ridiculously successful real estate company on track to do over $3 billion in sales this year. Learn...

Bonneau Ansley, the #1 real estate agent in the South, shares how he discovered how to take his passion for people and selling, and leverage it into a ridiculously successful real estate company on track to do over $3 billion in sales this year. Learn about some of the nitty gritty business development tactics that Bonneau uses to create a network that helps him develop business 24/7, why Bonneau reinvents himself every year, and how that practice helped him grow his business from $100 million in sales to over $3 billion is seven short years.


Mo asks Bonneau Ansley: Tell me of the moment in your life when you realized that business development was something you wanted to focus on.

  • Bonneau knew he was going to be a sales guy at the early age of 16 when he was in highschool. He felt that school wasn’t really his thing, but people and classmates were. He started selling t-shirts and hats, which continued into college with his own clothing company, and he realized that selling was something that he clicked with.
  • It was in college where he was first exposed to real estate after taking a class that he became completely hooked on the subject. After college, selling real estate became the natural evolution for Bonneau.
  • Bonneau has done every facet of real estate including development and sales, with plenty of success and failure along the way. Cycles are common in real estate, and Bonneau has had to reinvent himself more than once.
  • Bonneau recalls the story of when he and his wife had lost everything to a house fire in 2004. The fire forced him to give himself a fresh start. As devastating something like a fire can be, it’s a catalyst for change in life.
  • Bonneau tries to reinvent himself every year. He works in a very competitive environment so his mindset is always centered around thinking big, doubling his business big. To double your business, you have to create habits that you didn’t do before, and implement those.
  • In Bonneau’s seventh year in business, they are on track to sell over $3 billion in sales this year.
  • It doesn’t have to take your house burning down or your business to fail with the banking collapse. It’s simply about having a mindset where you always look at what you need to do to do better every single year.


Mo asks Bonneau Ansley: What is your personal definition of business development?

  • Bonneau interacts with people for roughly ten hours a day, from his barber to his valet, and each interaction is an exercise in business development. Each person is a part of Bonneau’s sales team with a small incentive to spread the word about him.
  • From a business development standpoint, to continue to be the #1 realtor in the South, he needs to be everywhere, and each person he interacts with is a chance to amplify his brand.
  • To be successful, you will have to stretch your comfort zone. Creating some new habits, even if you’re not a natural at them, is how you do it.
  • If you’re in sales, the more people that know what you sell and that you’re good at it, the more product you’re going to sell, no matter what it is.
  • Bonneau has created a network and a platform that allows him to do business development 24 hours a day whether he is present for the individual conversation or not.
  • Bonneau is really good at sales, and he’s put himself into a position to succeed by only focusing on that one thing. For the other tasks that don’t come natural to him, he’s built a team to help him continue focusing on business development and sales.
  • Everybody is great at something. The key is to figure out what that one thing is and how to monetize that. When Bonneau was in school he struggled, but when he discovered sales he found something he could excel at and figured out a way to thrive.


Mo asks Bonneau Ansley: What’s your favorite science, step, or story from the GrowBIG training or Snowball System?

  • Bonneau has been a real estate agent for 20 years, but when Mo interviewed Bonneau in order to get his house sold, it changed the way he operated.
  • They had a conversation about the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and went over the different ways that people communicate, and that conversation transformed how Bonneau presents to his clients. Now he makes sure to cover all four quadrants no matter who he’s talking to to make sure he connects with them.
  • The HBDI model has been integrated into Bonneau’s team. He took many of the principles that he learned from the GrowBIG training and the Snowball System and used them as the foundation for building his massive team of agents and executives.
  • The HBDI test has helped Bonneau grow his business to over 300 real estate agents that work under his brand.
  • In the first year of business, Bonneau’s team did over $100 million in sales and, seven years later, they are on track to do over $3 billion in sales.


Mo asks Bonneau Ansley: Tell me of a business development story that you are deeply proud of.

  • When Bonneau started the business, he made sure that he was selling for a reason. Even when they weren’t making any money, he made sure that every sale gave back to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hospital and it’s become the most rewarding business activity he’s ever done.
  • Having clients is not about a single transaction. Bonneau wants to grow with his clients and for the company to have a footprint beyond real estate. By pairing sales with a noble endeavor, he makes the mission of the organization more than just profit.
  • Visiting the hospital in addition to donating money is part of the company culture.
  • When things get hard, the charitable aspect of the business helps but he has a deep desire to win that keeps him going. Overcoming his natural weaknesses and leveraging his strengths also allows him to stay motivated.


Mo asks Bonneau Ansley: If you could record a message to your younger self around business development, what would it say?

  • In school, Bonneau would have told himself to not worry too much about failing Geology and Mrs. Jones is not going to be there to critique you for the rest of your life.
  • In college, it would have been to try more things while avoiding some bad influences.
  • After college, he would have told himself to go somewhere new. It wasn’t until he left his hometown that he really learned the skills he needed to succeed on his own.
  • One key lesson that Bonneau would share is to not be afraid of reinventing yourself. Even with scary situations, there is opportunity to learn. They are all part of your path to discovering what you want to do for the long haul.
  • Don’t wait so long to start your business. It’s okay to buck the trend and start something sooner than you think you should. You’re more ready than you realize.
  • Mo tells the story of how Bonneau called him up and told that they were going to spend the night at a homeless shelter and plan out what they were going to achieve the next year.
  • To climb, Bonneau cuts. To make a greater impact, Bonneau doesn’t hesitate to say no to something that isn’t at the level of what he’s trying to achieve.
  • Bonneau does a lot of investing and one of the most important ways he figures out who to work with is by identifying the founders that are passionate for what they are working on beyond the potential profit.



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